Legal Information

Board of Directors

Alexander Joseph Hemleb, President (Term Expires: 05/2022)
Louis P. Imbrogno, Vice President (Term Expires: 05/2022)
Christine Ortega, Secretary (Term Expires: 05/2022)
Micah Pogue, Assistant Vice President (Term Expires: 5/2024)
Robert L. Woodhouse, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires: 5/2024)

Next Directors election date is May 7, 2022.

To run for election to the District’s Board of Directors, a person must file an application for a place on the ballot. To be qualified to serve as a Director for a municipal utility district, a person must be at least 18 years old, a resident citizen of the State of Texas, and either own land subject to taxation in the district or be a qualified voter within the District. To be qualified to serve as an elected Director for a levee improvement district, a person must be a qualified property taxpaying elector of the precinct and county from which he is elected and be eligible under the laws of the State of Texas to hold office. The application must be filed with the Secretary of the District’s Board of Directors or his designated agent by mail, fax or in person. An application may be downloaded/printed from the website of the Texas Secretary of State at

Annual Financial Reports

Annual reports of certain financial information (Local Government Debt Reporting) may be accessed at

Board Meetings and Documents

Due to emergency conditions, the Board of Directors will hold meetings by telephone and/or videoconference. Participation information can be found on the agenda for each meeting.

The Board generally meets at Si Environmental, LLC, 6420 Reading Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471.

2022-01-18 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2021-10-19 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2021-08-17 – Regular: Agenda | Supplemental Agenda | Minutes
2021-05-11 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2021-04-13 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2021-01-05 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2020-10-13 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2020-09-08 – Regular: Agenda | Supplemental Agenda | Minutes
2020-07-21 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2020-05-12 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2020-03-03 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2020-01-07 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Disclosures (PDF)

District Map (PDF)

District Financial Information

Annual Financial Report – 2021
Annual Financial Report – 2020
Annual Financial Report – 2019
Budget – 2022
Budget – 2021
Budget – 2020
Budget – 2019

Landowner’s Bill of Rights

Information regarding the Landowner’s Bill of Rights can be found on the Texas Attorney General’s website.

Petition TCEQ for In-District Meetings

A District resident may petition the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to require that board meetings be held inside the District but not further than 10 miles from the boundary of the District only after (1) a qualified written request was previously submitted to the Board of Directors to designate a meeting place within the District but located not further than 10 miles from the boundaries of the District, and (2) the Board failed to designate a suitable location.

Summary of Petition Requirements for Requesting a Change to the Designated Meeting Location for Water District Meetings

Public Information Requests

To request public information, please direct your request to or mail or hand deliver your request to Public Information Act Request, Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 66, c/o The Muller Law Group, PLLC, 202 Century Square Blvd., Sugar Land, Texas 77478.

This email address is solely for the purpose of requesting existing District records. If you have a question, comment, or other request, please contact the Board of Directors at

Tax Rate and Tax Revenue Information

The tax information described below may be found in the tax assessor/collector’s reports attached to all regular meeting minutes, which are found in the “Board Meetings and Documents” section on this page.

  • The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for maintenance and operations for the preceding two years and the current year
  • The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for debt service for the preceding two years and the current year
  • The tax rate for maintenance and operations adopted by the District for the preceding two years
  • The tax rate for debt service adopted by the District for the preceding two years